Bright N Shine Pet Dental

We offer quality cosmetic dog and cat teeth cleaning services in the comfort of pet owner’s homes

without harmful medications and in a relaxing, safe environment for both the pet and the pet owner

What do we do?

Many pet owners don’t realize that bad breath and stained teeth can be signs of serious gum diseases in pets. Neglecting regular dental care compromises their overall health. At Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental, we offer a painless and affordable solution to these issues. That is what we do! Our commitment is to ensure your pet’s dental well-being. That’s our mission!

We love dogs and cats and are dedicated to them

Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental® is a leader in cosmetic non-medical, non-anesthetic mobile pet teeth cleaning services.​

The Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental provides a truly unique pet care service.

It is not just a conventional pet care concept. We offer fast, safe and friendly teeth cleaning.

From Our Founder

They Are Our Friend & Family.

Our founder, Luis “Junior” Du Miller, is renowned locally as a “pet whisperer” of sorts. He is adept at providing relaxing and safe treatments for every animal he cares for. A professional dental care specialist with more than 18 years of industry experience, Junior is university-trained with a background in animal psychology.

All our dental care specialist are trained and certified by our CEO and they also have a solid background and experience on dental care.

Luís Junior Du Miller

Non-Anesthetic Cosmetic Dental Cleanings
Safe – Affordable – Convenient