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Non-Anesthetic Cosmetic Dental Cleanings
Safe – Affordable – Convenient

Cosmetic Dental Renewal

Eliminate bad breath and harmful bacteria with our cosmetic pet teeth cleanings.

Careful & Gentle

Our non-invasive cleaning uses no sedatives, ensuring a stress-free procedure for dogs and cats.

Best Quality & Price

Non-anesthetic dental cleaning price range: $180-$270, based on pet size and type (cat or dog).

Unparalleled Convenience

Our mobile service comes right to your doorstep, taking the hassle out of travel and giving your pet a cozy experience right at home.

Truly Amazing Results

Discover a healthier and safer choice for your cat and dog’s dental cleanings – our alternative to traditional anesthesia methods.


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We have a single price for Cats and size/weight based price for Dogs.

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Some additional helpful information?

At Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental, our core philosophy is simple yet profound: treat you and your pet as part of our family. We recognize that many pet parents are apprehensive about anesthesia for their beloved cats and dogs, particularly for routine dental cleanings. Anesthesia, while commonly used, carries inherent risks and may not be advisable for older pets or those with specific health conditions. At Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental, we prioritize your pet’s safety and comfort, offering cosmetic non-anesthetic dental cleaning as a safe and effective alternative.

  1. Bad breath
  2. Salivating
  3. Gums may be red, swollen, and even bleed
  4. Decreased or loss of appetite and weight loss
  5. Dropping food from mouth while eating

The Difference Between an Anesthetic Dental and a Non-Anesthetic Dental Procedure An anesthetic dental procedure is a dental cleaning that is non-invasive with no use of any medications, sedatives, or anesthesia. The pet is restrained using gentle, proprietary holds that ensure the pet’s safety throughout the dental procedure.

Many pet owners have concerns about putting their animal under anesthesia, especially when it comes to a routine procedure like a teeth cleaning. There are some inherent risk with anesthesia may not be recommended if your pet is older and/or has other conditions impacting their health.

Bright N’ Shine Pet Dental is a mobile, anesthesia-free cosmetic teeth cleaning and dental care service for cats and dogs. They provide non-anesthetic pet teeth cleaning in Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, offering a safe, affordable, and convenient alternative to traditional anesthetic-induced cat and dog dental cleanings.

They specialize in non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for dogs and cats, providing a comprehensive dental cleaning that includes plaque and calculus removal, cleaning bacteria under the gum line, and finishing by polishing, cleaning, and rinsing the animal’s mouth. They also provide before and after photos of the dental cleaning.

Bright N’ Shine gains the pet’s trust and keeps them calm without the use of drugs or sedatives. They use gentle, proprietary holds to ensure the pet’s safety and comfort throughout the dental procedure.

The prices vary based on the pet’s weight. For small pets (0-40lbs), the cost is $170; for medium pets (41-80lbs), it’s $200; and for larger pets (81lbs+), the price is $230. These prices include free travel.

Bright N’ Shine is unique for its mobile service, which reduces stress by treating pets in their familiar home environment. Their approach is safer and more compassionate, especially for older or health-compromised pets, and they focus on holistic health, not just dental care.

Bright N’ Shine’s mission is to create a better everyday life for pet parents and contribute to building better general health and wellbeing for as many pets as they can reach. They value delivering a stunning experience to pet parents and their pets.

The founder, Luis “Junior” Du Miller, is known as a “pet whisperer” and is a professional dental technician with more than 18 years of industry experience, university-trained with a background in animal psychology. All technicians are trained and certified by him.

The top symptoms include bad breath, salivating, red or swollen gums that may bleed, decreased or loss of appetite and weight loss, and dropping food from the mouth while eating.

Yes, it is a healthy and safe alternative to traditional anesthetic induced cleanings, especially suitable for older pets or those with health conditions where anesthesia poses a risk


Non-Anesthetic Cosmetic Dental Cleanings
Safe – Affordable – Convenient