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FDA Authorized with a Franchising Disclosure Document to Expanding Pet Dental Care Industry across the Florida, North and South Carolina, Illinois and Texas State!

BNS is USA #1 Pet Dental With more than 12 thousand non- anesthetic pet dental cleanings completed since 2015!

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Please Review Our Accounting Books and Authorized Franchising Disclosure Document

Bright N’ Shine holistic approach to pet teeth cleaning along with our mobile service provide a safe, gentle and thorough teeth cleaning experience for your furry friend. The before and after photos clearly show dramatic improvement.

Regular cleanings improve overall pet health and eliminates bad breath. A BNS pet teeth cleaning in an outstanding value at less cost than traditional sedate cleaning.

It is a humanized experience – and the results talk for themselves, including the Dog and Cat humor and general health, which makes the parents figure it out the great value of the small investment the pay for each visit, reflecting in a larger rate of customer’s loyalty than the usual Pet Services in this type of ticket.

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if you love pets and are looking for an amazing investment please consider joining bright n' shine and become a member of the multi billion dollar pet industry!

the covid 19 crisis resulted in an increase of pet acquisitions - and pet parents are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of regular pet teeth cleanings. bright n' shine makes every effort to inform and educate pet parents regarding the importance of pet dental care

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Enjoy the love and affection a pet provides. Source appa-american pet products association website.

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