Pet Dental and Cleaning in Tampa, FL

Giving pets the dental care they need can transform your pet’s health and help them live long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure what cleaning and dental services for pets are required, but when you learn the power of pet dental care, you’ll start to see the many ways Bright N Shine can improve your pet’s life and keep your little companion smiling. From tiny dogs and cats to large dogs, your cat deserves special treatment individualized for its needs.

Pet Dental Services

Pet dental services are a great way to better your pet’s hygiene and health. Dental diseases result in chronic pain, organ problems, and struggles with eating among pets, and most dogs and cats will experience some kind of dental disease by the time they are three. Teeth cleaning for your cat or dog doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Our mobile service can bring pet dental care to you.

Pet Dental Care

There are many reasons that you should care about your pet’s dental hygiene. Pet dental cleaning can help with issues like:

  • Appetite issues or trouble eating because of mouth problems
  • Inflamed gums or bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Excess salivation
  • Future health issues like kidney, heart, or liver damage

Pet dental care, therefore, is not just about making a pet’s teeth look nice.

Pet Teeth Cleaning

Our technicians are trained to clean pets’ teeth efficiently and with the utmost care. Each technician is trained and certified to make sure that only the best is cleaning the pet’s teeth. All technicians are held to a high standard because if we don’t have this standard, pets’ health can suffer, and we owe it to our clients to keep dogs and cats as healthy as possible. Contact us today for an appointment!

Dog/cat teeth cleaning without anesthesia

Bright N Shine doesn’t rely on anesthesia when it comes to cleaning pets’ teeth. We offer a non-invasive service that uses patience and animal psychology to create a calming and safe environment for pets.

By not using anesthesia, many health risks related to anesthesia are reduced. Certain dogs benefit more from anesthesia-free dental care than others. Older dogs particularly may struggle from the impacts of anesthesia because they can have more effects from anesthesia and increased complications. Additionally, dogs who have seizures, dogs with certain injuries, and dogs with kidney, liver, or heart issues can benefit from dental care without anesthesia.

We use gentle holds designed to keep the pet safe and feeling calm. While anesthesia always comes with risks, our approach eliminates those risks and makes procedures less daunting for owners and pets alike.

Dog/cat teeth cleaning without anesthesia

Need Pet Dental and Cleaning in Tampa, Florida?

If you need a pet and dental cleaning around the Tampa area, Bright N Shine Pet Dental is a mobile cleaning service in South Florida that can give your pet the treatment they need. Our team transforms pets’ teeth, so they are healthy and happy. We cater our services to the needs of each pet because no dog or cat is the same, so we make sure that we get to know you and your pet before we begin our work.

Our mobile work allows us to come to you and give you convenient, efficient service. We take our time with each pet to give them the patience and compassion all pets and humans deserve. Come join our cat and dog dental cleaning family!

It’s normal to have concerns about whether a dental cleaning will be right for your pet. These frequently asked questions can clear up some of the most common questions that pet owners have when thinking about dental services for their pets.

Is dog dental cleaning worth it?

Many people aren’t sure they want to put the time, energy, and money into cleaning their dog’s teeth. Dog dental care is an investment in your dog’s future because the health of your dog’s teeth often correlates to its overall health and happiness. While you can sometimes brush your dog’s teeth at home (for some dogs, home brushing doesn’t work well), when you have a professional clean your dog’s teeth, the professional not only cleans the teeth but also checks the mouth for any problems. That way, any problems are caught early. The main reasons to address your dog’s teeth include:
  • Improve bad breath
  • Maintain the health and longevity of your dog
  • Reduce pain in the mouth
  • Prevent tooth loss

Is dental work really necessary for dogs?

It’s common to think that dental work isn’t required for dogs, and one excuse is that aesthetic concerns don’t warrant the expense and procedure required to look at a dog’s teeth. However, the cleaning process is careful and doesn’t harm dogs, and pet dental care is not just aesthetic. Your pet’s dental hygiene is correlated with their health.

Plaque can cause periodontal disease, which can cause mouth pain and eating issues resulting in mouth pain. Additionally, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause organ problems. Therefore, dental work isn’t just a suggestion; it’s a preventative tool. Regular dental work can do wonders for the happiness and health of your beloved pet.

Can dogs have dental work without anesthesia?

Absolutely! While certain, more advanced dental work, like dental surgery, requires anesthesia, Bright N Shine Pet Dental offers anesthesia-free dental work for pets, and it’s completely safe and effective. Our team is trained to carefully handle dogs and check for any issues as we clean pets’ teeth.

Do cats really need dental cleaning?

Just like dogs, cats’ health depends on the health of their teeth too. Dental cleaning is an essential medical treatment for cats. Unfortunately, many cats suffer from issues with their teeth and gums, but dental care can improve these issues and prevent future issues.

Research shows that anywhere from fifty to ninety percent of cats four and older have dental disease. As with humans, plaque and tartar can build up on a cat’s teeth, resulting in gum inflammation and infection. The infection can then cause bacteria to go into organs like the heart, liver, or kidneys. Thus, while dental care for cats may not seem that important, dental treatment can prevent illness and prolong your cat’s life.

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